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Terms and Conditions


  1. The online store is owned by Lady's-Nails company situated in Zory (address: 44-240 Zory, św. Stanisława Street 17), Poland – later on described as a Store.
  2. A person or a company that has placed an order via Internet or by phone is described later on as a Customer.
  3. The Store is in the right to introduce changes to these regulations. The rules are in force from the moment they have been published on the Store's website.
  4. The Store is obliged to keep secret the information that we learned from our Customers. We use the information that you provide for such purposes as fullfilling the orders, responding to your requests and communicating with you. We do not share the information about our Customers to the third parties.
  5. The Store is in the rigth to withdrawn the products from the offer and/or to change their price without showing any reasons.
  6. The Store is in the right to refuse fulfilling an order in case it arises suspicion, e.g. an e-mail address and/or a telephone number is missing and as a result it is impossible to confirm an order. The same concerns a situation when the information about Customer is incomplete.
  7. The prices of all products that are included in our offer are presented in Polish zloty or Euro currency and are final prices. It means these are gross prices including all taxes.
  8. The Customer's wish to achieve an invoice means that the Lady's Nails Store is entitled to issue an invoice for purchuased products without a Customer's signature.
  9. For the company Customers the invoices are issued automatically if their name and taxation identification number (e.g. NIP in Poland) are provided. Later it is impossible to receive an invoice.
  10. It is possible for a foreign Customer to obtain an Export invoice (in netto prices) provided Customer informs Store clearly about their wish when placing an order.
  11. Please contact the Store in case of any questions and doubts.



  1. A deal is transacted as soos as the Customer has added the products to the shopping cart and confirmed the order. The placement of the purchuase order is considered equivalent to an acceptance of the Lady's Nails online Store Rules and Regulations.
  2. In the online Store you are enabled to place your order around the clock, seven days per week and all year round.
  3. After having placed your order you will receive a confirmation by e-mail or by phone. It is impossible to cancel an order that have been already confirmed.
  4. The purchuase orders are fulfilled in the order of placement and in the order of final payment receiving on the bank account.
  5. A minimum value of a single order for the online Wholesale amounts 50 euro in gross terms.
  6. The final payment is calculated based on the prices of purchuased products, shipping rates or cash on delivery charges. The product prices presented on the Lady's Nails website do not include delivery or cash on delivery costs, which are covered by the Customer.
  7. Shipment costs are added to a value of an order and the Customer is informed about the final payment to be paid in on Lady’s Nails Cosmetics bank account. The Customer is obliged to make a payment within 14 days.
  8. Lack of payment within 14 days means resignation from an order.
  9. It is possible to make a payment of an order and pick purchased goods up from Lady’s Nails Cosmetics office in Zory, Poland.
  10. If any products in your order prove to be currently out of stock we will contact you by e-mail or by phone. In the same time we will inform you about the delivery delays resulting from the temporary unavailability of the products you ordered.
  11. It is forbidden to join Wholesales orders with retail orders placed in the online Store. 



  1. The Store recognizes the importance of protecting the products you have ordered during the shippment. Therefore we care for a proper packaging so that your items are delivered in a perfect condition.
  2. Both foreing and national (on the area of Poland) deliveries are sent by a courier. The shippment in realised no sooner than a payment for an order have been received.



  1. In case of any problems and complaints please contact the Store immediately.
  2. You should unpack your delivery in the presence of a representative of a shippment company. If the mechanical damages of products (resulting from transportation) have been noticed, please draw up a protocol signed both by the Customer and a representative of a shippment company. Only with such a protocol the Store will admit your complaint on the products' damages that occured during the shippment. Otherwise you should submit your complaint to the shipping company rather than to the Store.
  3. The returned items should not be damaged, opened if in original packaging, used or incomplete. This does not refere to gels, acrylates, polishes and custom-maid items when more than one piece of article is ordered.
  4. The Customers are guaranteed to have their products exchanged or their money returned (in the amount of product price) in case their complaint is recognised as substinated and the damages occured as a result of unproper operations of the Store.
  5. After the Customer's compaint have been accepted, money is paid on the Customer's account or is returnet by a postal order within up to 14 workdays. The packaging cost and the shippment charges for returned products are payed by the Customer.
  6. The cash on delivery parcels are not accepted by the Store.
  7. he complaints that concern products’ bad packaging, leakages, splits ect. are accepted only under condition that the Customer has collected their delivery no later than one day after it arrived.
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